Races To Places

2016 has been a busy year for me. I’ve done a few cool shoots including a pretty amazing one in the United States, a few fun ones around Europe and a fair few around the UK as well. I spent the first 6 months of this year editing an adventure motorcycling documentary series called Races To Places.

All the episodes I’ve edited are on my website here. You can keep up to date with the latest episodes which are being released weekly for Season 5 on the Adventure Spec YouTube channel or on their Facebook page. To see what Lyndon is up to you can check out his blog.

Working on a semi long-term contract was a completely new experience for me – and a very interesting one in more than a few ways. I’ve always loved watching travel programmes like Long Way Round with Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor and although I don’t ride bikes myself (yet!)

I’ve always loved that sense of adventure and the feeling of being on the road that comes with adventure riding, so I thoroughly enjoyed being able to edit this type of content.

I also love travelling and getting to see footage of all these wonderful places and the research involved in crafting the series helped satisfy the cabin fever that I found comes with sitting on your own in an edit suite for months on end – although I did start to get quite envious that I wasn’t the one of this epic journey!

6 months is a long time to commit to a project – it limits your income as a freelancer, and it can be depressing working by yourself for such a long time but I learnt a hell of a lot about South East Asia!


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