Jib Operating in 30 seconds

Below is a fun little video filmed and edited by my friend Humayun Ahmed from HumTech Films, who I met on one of the many jib operating jobs I’ve done over the past two years.

I was filming establishing shots at a venue in London when Humayun turned up to film some promo shots for the event decor team – we have a habit of bumping into each other at gigs!


That day he was keen on testing out his new Beholder DS1 gimbal so he filmed a couple of clips of me doing my thing on the jib.

To my count so far in 2016 I’ve done over 30 events on the crane, which smashes last year’s ~25 to pieces and I’ve also managed to vary the type of work I’ve been doing on it, adding music related work to my CV. I love variety me, it’s great!