I was recently hired to go and ply my trade as a jib operator out in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The shoot itself was great and exactly what I got into the industry for. I got to work with some of the best crew I know, doing really exciting work filming supercars at the Dubai Autodrome. The shooting schedule didn’t allow for much time to explore our surroundingsĀ but from what we did get to see, I found it to be a very strange place; ‘interesting’ is what I’ve been telling people. Very different from anything and anywhere else I’ve been before.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to explore a new country is always exciting! It was a great way to wrap up 2017 and it was especially pleasant getting to escape the bleak and cold December the UK was experiencing at the time. That and our boiler at home had packed in so it’s been a particularly cold Winter for me this year! A little jaunt to the Middle East really was welcome indeed.

I learnt several things about the UAE during our week out there:

1: As shown in the royalty-free picture above, there is an astonishing amount of cranes out there. Literally half the place is essentially a building site.
2: There is no highway code. Lanes are a mere formality and driving is a ridiculous free for all.
3: The Burj Khalifa is fucking massive. I guarantee it’s bigger than you imagine it to be. Seriously – the buildings in the foreground above are the size of your average skyscraper. The Burj is a way off in the distance and still looms above all living things.

But anyway, hopefully 2018 will give me more opportunities to see and work in even more new places!