BMW M5 Launch Video

A quick teaser from a project I worked on with Sammon Media for BMW earlier this year. We shot this in Wales on the snowiest week of the year, remember that week where the whole country basically shut down for 4 days because of nationwide blizzards? Yeah, that week. Try shooting a rear wheel drive

Dubai 2, 2018

We went back! Back to the UAE, this time to shoot at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and round 2 at the Dubai Autodrome. I knew in advance we’d get a little bit more downtime that back in December so I packed my 5DmkIII as well and took a few photos which you can


I was recently hired to go and ply my trade as a jib operator out in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The shoot itself was great and exactly what I got into the industry for. I got to work with some of the best crew I know, doing really exciting work filming supercars at the Dubai

Rolls Royce Sweptail

Comments here! Thank you for being one of 200K followers. A video of the private launch of The Rolls Royce Sweptail with some details footage. A raffle is held for giveaway 50X iconic Sweptail launch edition posters with metalic chrome details, to best comments made to this post. #RollsRoyce #OneOff #Sweptail #RollsRoyceSweptail #OneOff #LagoDiComo #VillaDeste

Jib Operating in 30 seconds

Below is a fun little video filmed and edited by my friend Humayun Ahmed from HumTech Films, who I met on one of the many jib operating jobs I’ve done over the past two years. I was filming establishing shots at a venue in London when Humayun turned up to film some promo shots for the event decor team –

Races To Places

2016 has been a busy year for me. I’ve done a few cool shoots including a pretty amazing one in the United States, a few fun ones around Europe and a fair few around the UK as well. I spent the first 6 months of this year editing an adventure motorcycling documentary series called Races To Places. All

“Hollywood Baby!”

The crew, from left to right: me, Mizan, James Corden in the middle, Naser and Andy, Rav below and our director Javed above, striking his pose. It finally happened, I made it to Hollywood!! Well, only for 10 days. But being paid to go on a 10 day shoot in Los Angeles as well as getting

Last Man On Earth

Last Summer I spent a wicked 3 days working on Last Man On Earth, a short sci-fi thriller starring Colin Baker. The film was shot on location in Manchester and directed by Darren Langlands. I met some great people and had a lot of fun on set! It was a fantastic experience for me all round.

Wedding Season

It was late last year when I started working with Andy Lockwood, owner of JibzTV. (Awesome posh website designed by Shane Rounce who did mine) Andy introduced me to his world and his primary line of work: camera crane operating at Asian weddings. Since then I have been working for him as a second-shooter, covering weddings

Expanding my horizons

2 new racetracks, 2 new videos, 2 weddings, 5 different cities, 1 film festival and 2 new countries. February is shaping up to be a very, very busy month for me. On top of the music video workshops I’ve been running at Norton College and judging I’m doing for the Hope Valley Adventure Film Festival

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