The Bigger Picture

Short Film - Just Because

I wrote this as an idea for a 60 Second film challenge┬áthat Norton College was running while I studied up there. I cut a 60 second version of the film for the contest but this is the full version. Actually, I’m calling it a Director’s Cut. The theme for that year’s competition was ‘Identity’, although the notion of identity behind this might be a bit abstract. Either way, I didn’t win.

But I’m still incredibly proud of this film, that I shot in under 2 hours thanks to my good friend Simon Dickinson (starring) at a top secret undisclosed location (my grandma’s house). I’m proud of it because I tried to represent feelings and emotions that I think we’ve all felt or will feel at some point and that I was feeling at the time, and I feel like I captured it exactly the way I wanted to which isn’t always easy. That was a massive personal achievement and meant a lot more than winning a competition.

Song: Counting Crows – Raining in Baltimore
(No Copyright Infringement intended, non-profit video).

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