Steel Ballet

4 hours, no budget, no planning.
I give you STEEL BALLET.

STEEL BALLET is a film I made of professional Gymkhana Grid driver, Dmitrij Sribnyj. It’s a lot of donuts, I know. #notkenblock

Dmitrij has been racing for over 3 years now in AWD Subaru Imprezas, he’s won dozens of events and countless trophies, even competing against the likes of Ken Block himself at the Gymkhana Grid Finals in Madrid, Spain, as well as here in the UK.

Dmitrij approached me about making a film together as he’d been inspired by Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos. We didn’t want to copy them, we wanted to make our own and have a bit of fun doing it. He didn’t have a budget but I love this kind of project and was keen to do it. I drove down and met Dmitrij on the day we’d agree to shoot on…it didn’t start well.

I turned up 2 hours late due road closures, leaving me with 4 hours of daylight in which to film a video of a guy I’d never met drift a 450hp racecar in a location I’d never seen, which turned out to be a fully staffed and operating scrapyard. When I say there was no planning, there really wasn’t ANY planning.¬†There wasn’t really time to think things through either so I acted on instinct and just filmed stuff I thought would look good. Pure run’n’gun shooting.

The guys at Goldstar Metal Traders were awesome on the day. We worked around them as much as we could and they were more than willing to move the huge digger arm for us and one of them took me up in a cherry picker to get an aerial shot. They got a good kick out of watching Dmitrij burning rubber!

Taking everything into account, i.e the rapidly fading daylight, working with someone new for the first time in an unfamiliar scrapyard in full swing¬†I’m pretty pleased with the result. Like I mentioned above though it IS a lot of donuts, which is a shame. I’ve got some more ideas which I can hopefully bring to fruition sometime in the future, I’d like to have added some jumps and other types of stunts.

I had a lot of fun climbing on that crane!

Credit for the photos: Nic Stewart

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