Short video shot on November 5th 2013.

FIREWORKS 511 is about visual appeal. Something can simply be beautiful, without it having a purpose.

I made this with some footage I happened to capture sort of by accident. I was at an event shooting a stunt show for bonfire night on November 5th, a big celebration here in the UK. The firework display happened as I was waiting for the show to start and I was mesmerised at how good it was.

This was the first video I edited in Final Cut Pro X when I finally decided to make the jump from FCP 7. It gave me a chance to mess about with the software on a personal project without pressure from a client to meet a deadline, so if I royally screwed it up it wouldn’t really matter too much.

It was also the perfect opportunity for me to use the ‘Scary Monsters on Strings’ song from the SpringBreakers (2011) soundtrack. The film itself is pretty weird and although I enjoyed it for it’s soundtrack and it’s cinematography (and James Franco with cornrows!!!) I never surprised me when people told me they thought it was shit.

Regardless, I’d been dying to use the song for something ever since I saw the film. The soundtrack really is incredible and is everything I’d hoped it would be when I read that Cliff Martinez (composer for Drive, obviously) had collaborated with SKRILLEX for the scoring of the film. It’s worth watching just for that in my opinion.

Fireworks, 5th of November.

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