Hey there, I’m Tom Cottam. Welcome to my website!

I’m a freelance camera and jib operator as well as an occasional lighting technician with over 4 years in the industry.

I have other useful skills such as glidecam and gimbal operating and video editing.

I’m well travelled and have experience working all around the UK and Europe as well as some pretty exotic places further afield including New Zealand, Australia and the United States filming events, documentaries, short films, sports, cars, bikes, weddings, interviews, promotional videos and lots more.

I also speak fluent French and Greek!

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I am fully insured and available for hire anywhere in the UK and internationally.

I provide video production services including camera operating, video editing, glidecam and camera crane operating and more.

I also provide professional acting and voice-acting services, as well as stunt work as I have a background in Parkour, freerunning and martial arts.

I speak 3 languages fluently and can mimic dozens of regional accents.

Get in touch anytime for rates on anything camera or film related, I’m usually around 24/7!

About Me

 Camera work & Editing

My work has taken me all over the UK and around the World – I have a lot of experience working around Europe as well as some other pretty cool places including New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

I currently mainly work as a jib operator filming live events, music videos and weddings.

I also have an extensive portfolio of automotive work having spent 3 years covering various automotive and drifting events around the UK for Team Japspeed and the British Drift Championship, as well as freelancing for clients such as Monster Energy, Maxxis Tyres and Honda most recently. I’ve also worked with professional Gymkhana Grid driver Dmitrij Sribnyj.

I’ve also filmed a lot of action sports including experience filming parkour & freerunning, football freestyle, skateboarding and both park and flatland BMX.

In 2016 I spent 6 months working as a freelance editor for a company called Adventure Spec based in West Yorkshire, editing an adventure motorcycling travel documentary series called Races To Places.

I have experience working in drama too, I’ve worked as best boy and as a lighting assistant on a feature film and a couple of short films over the past two years.

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Acting, Voice-Acting & Stunt Work

While it’s not my main thing I enjoy being in front of camera as well as behind it. I’ve worked in film, most recently on a feature film as a stunt/freerunning/martial arts zombie commander for a film called ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. I worked with fight choreographer Mark Strange who also did the fight choreography for Batman Begins. I’ve also had lead roles in a number of short films and some minor parts in TV programmes such as ‘This Is England ’86’ and ‘Cucumber’ both for Channel 4.

I’ve also lent my voice to a broad range of different projects including TV and online adverts, short film narrations and most recently an 80s synthwave themed audio drama called ‘Kyoto Cyber Police’ in which I voiced 4 different characters.


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